Mike Hein
Born Cincinnati, OH
Lives & works in Brooklyn, NY


Syracuse University -College of Visual and Performing Arts
Syracuse, NY
MFA in sculpture, 2002

Columbus College of Art and Design
Columbus, OH
BFA, 1998

Selected Exhibitions:


Vox Populi, Feldspar, Philadelphia, PA (solo)
106 Green, No Kineme Stand Alone, Brooklyn, NY


Mulherin Pollard, Lean-To, New York City, NY (solo)
Nada Hudson, with ADA gallery
Untitled Fair Miami, with ADA gallery

Rawson Projects, Purified Thoughts (curated by Jon Lutz), Brooklyn NY
ArtBook Club Presents: Black Sunday (curated by Saira McLaren), Brooklyn NY
Winona State University, Flat Earth, Winona MN
Grizzly Grizzly, Mike Hein and Carrie Diackson, Philadelphia

Bric Art Gallery, Real Non-Fiction, curated by Jon Lutz and Baseera Khan, Brooklyn
ADA Gallery, Charm School, Richmond VA
Daily Operation, The World's Greatest, Brooklyn

Edward Thorpe Gallery, Ferver, New York City
Daily Operation, I Wanna Be Somewhere (curated by Jon Lutz), New York City
Rio Hondo College, Doppleganger, Los Angeles
Acuna Hansen, Doppleganger, Los Angeles

University Of Mississippi Museum, New Work New York- The Object Direct in Recent Art
(curated by Mathew Fisher), Mississippi
Heskin Contemporary, Object Direct,(curated by Mathew Fisher), New York City
Acuna Hansen, Summer Guests, Los Angeles

Hot Cakes, North of the Ozarks (two-person exhibition with Jeff Williams),
Milwaukee, WN
AKA Gallery, Mike, Mike, Eric, Dave, Saskatoon, SK

Limbo Arts, More Like Real Wood (two-person exhibition with Jeff Williams),
San Diego, CA

King Fisher Projects, Happy Ending, Queens, NY
Eyelevel gallery, Recent sculpture (solo exhibition), Halifax, NS
Mount St. Vincent University, Lecture Notes, Halifax, NS

Can Park, North of the Ozarks, Halifax, NS
Sushi Contemporary Visual Arts and Performance, Slime temple (solo exhibition,
San Diego, CA

Spark Gallery, Inaccurate Dreamers, Syracuse, NY
Lowe Gallery, MFA Exhibition, Syracuse, NY

Spark Gallery, Stunted at Adolescence, Syracuse, NY
Rotunda gallery, Diversity in the Arts, Syracuse, NY
SUNY New Paltz, Works on Paper (traveling exhibition), Oswego, NY
Zoid Gallery, Foot Long Exhibition, Syracuse, NY
Lowe Gallery, Summer Invitational, Syracuse, NY

Spark Gallery, Appurtenance, Syracuse, NY
Zoid Gallery, Foot Long Exhibition, Syracuse, NY
Spark Gallery, The Stranger Show (two person exhibition), Syracuse, NY
North Room Gallery, Diversity in the Arts, Syracuse, NY

The Drawing Room, Lucky Me (solo installation), Syracuse, NY
Transylvania University, Drawing Invitational, Lexington, KT
Zoid Gallery, Foot Long Exhibition, Syracuse, NY
Spark Gallery, Re-emergence, Syracuse, NY

Ducts.org, An Interview with Saira McLaren & Mike Hein, summer 2008
The Old Gold.blogspot, December Issue, 2008

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